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Best Practice Approach

During these difficult economic times, efficiency is important to every business. Using our TIPA for ITIL® and Kepner-Tregoe based best practices approach, RTH Solutions will partner with your company for the best solution as well as help you improve your Service Management approach.

Our experienced consultants can guide you every step to better efficiency through our ITIL® Consulting Services using our diverse process improvement toolkit.

Tudor IT Process Assessment (TIPA) for ITIL

When working in the implementation of ITIL projects, it is rather difficult to have a clear idea of the way the ITIL implementation is done. From the project management perspective it is clear, but to answer the question “how good is my ITIL implementation?” Is not a simple task—because there is no specific ITIL certification for organizations. ITIL has a certification schema managed by Axelos to certify the knowledge and skills of individuals, but it has no way of defining how good an ITIL implementation is.

Kepner-Tregoe Root Cause Methodology

Apollo XIII Returned Safely, Thanks to NASA Or Kepner-Tregoe?


We’ve all heard the renowned story about the problem-plagued Apollo XIII mission. Far away from Earth, and unable to turn back, the astronauts were in deadly trouble. NASA engineers rush to the job and produced what would later turn out to be their finest hour—bringing the astronauts back alive against all odds.

What you might not know is that NASA used the Kepner-Tregoe methodology as a way to systematically identify the problems on the Apollo XIII—and to come up with a solution. This was an amazing feat!

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