ITIL V3 Fast Track to ITIL V4

The ITIL V4 Certification Scheme is a departure from the credit-based ITIL V3 scheme. And while ITIL V4 retains many of the core elements of ITIL V3, and much of the existing guidance will be recognizable in parts of ITIL V4, there are no direct like-for-like modules between the two certification schemes.


What should a learner do if they have completed a number of ITIL V3 programs, what is their best strategy moving forward – continue with ITIL V3, or start fresh with ITIL V4? 


When a learner has completed 2 or more ITIL V3 Intermediate programs, it may be very relevant for them to continue with ITIL V3 and then transitioning to ITIL V4 using the ITIL Managing Professional Transition Module. 

Fast Track to ITIL V4 Paths

Depending on where you currently stand in your ITIL journey and what your ITIL ambitions are, you can follow the following paths:

Are you ready to upskill your ITIL knowledge to ITIL V4 via our Fast Track training?

Choose one of our Fast Track eLearning courses:

​The Fast Track to ITIL V4 provides access to all V3 Capability or Lifecycle modules, allowing learners to pick and choose the modules relevant to obtaining the 17 credits.


Because learners will probably already hold one or more ITIL V3 certifications, it may be relevant for a learner to continue in either the Capability or Lifecycle route. 


Once the learner obtains 17 credits, the next step is taking the ITIL V4 Managing Professional Transition course.


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